A Wagon of Choices

We played a fun game today that I wanted to share with you all! Burke loves his wagon and enjoys putting toys in and pulling it around the house. Today, I stashed different animals around the house. One by one we "found" each animal and in total communication (speaking and signing) we said,

Mama:"Oh Look, I see a horse". 
Burke: (with prompting) I see a horse
Mama:"Horse, do you want to go for a ride in the wagon, yes or no?"
Burke: (with prompting) Yes, I want the horse
Mama: Oh, that was a good choice!

 ...none of the animals said no and during this game, none of the choices were bad!

He was having so much fun that I doubt he had any idea that our fun game was really packed with lots of learning and hard work!

My learning goals for this game were this:
1.) To practice using one of his "goal" sentences for school- I see a________

2) To practice answering yes and no questions-Yes or No, I want/don't want

3.) To introduce the concept of choices-"Oh, that was a good choice"

My plan is to build on his vocabulary as well as really emphasize the use of full sentences. Also, I want him to learn about making choices. He is really pushing the limits with his behavior and I feel that introducing the concept of making good and bad choices will help with our discipline techniques!

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