How do we get everyone to communicate?

OK, so here's the scoop! Burke has 4 therapy appointments per week. Speech 2x, Aural Rehab, and Physical Therapy. In addition to his main preschool teacher, he has three other professionals working with him. How do we get everyone communicating. Burke is a whole person and all of his needs go "hand in hand" so I feel like each therapist should make an effort to communicate with each other so that they're sharing information and getting the best approach for their time with Burke. We send a backpack with a notebook to each of his appointments...everyone is supposed to write notes in it to each other...well, this happened about three times and that's it. I'm debating on how to encourage communication...I send emails to them with cc'd to all therapist but it's not that efficient. I wish I didn't have to be the middle man!


  1. I think you need to publish his schedule so your friends can keep track! My suggestion is to send cookies or some other sort of treat that is attached to the schedule with notes (giving incentive). Or (and I hope your not offended by this) make a T-shirt for Burke (you can get multiple colors made for his several therapy visits per week) that says "Check my notebook Damn it!" Burke could totally rock it - until they've gotten the point. This way Burke can be his own advocate during the time that you can't be there!

  2. I think you're on the right track with e-mails cc:d to everyone. We're starting to experience the same thing - Simon's going to lots of different groups and therapists, and I don't have the sense that they chat much. I'm going to make a simple group in my e-mail program, and just type that in whenever I need to contact anyone.

  3. One of our therapists at Seattle Childrens has decided to give us a copy of her weekly report that she electronically generates after each therapy session. I think we'll either email an electronic version out to all the other professionals working with Burke OR we'll put a copy in his notebook... it's a start!