Ways to use SEE in your home

We're in the early learning stages of SEE Sign and it's been discouraging trying to find SEE materials and resources. With that said, one of the best investments I've made is the purchase of the Modern Signs Press SEE CD-ROM that allows you to print any illustrated sign, phrase or sentence.  Here are some examples of how I've used this in my home to try and learn SEE and teach it to my son.
Labeling toy bins
Helps with sorting toys. For example-we just learned the sign for magnets and I asked my son to pick up his magnet toys and put them in the bin and then showed him the manual sign and visual printed sign and he was able to learn it and follow my directions

Labeling books
This has been a really great way to learn vocabulary and read books with my son. He loves to point out the signs and pictures and I think it's helping him recognize written text.

sometimes it's necessary to finger spell words if there is not an official SEE sign-this can be tricky with limited space available in most books.

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  1. Great idea with the bin labels and books - we have started doing our books, as well. We've also taped up pages around the house, near where we need to tell Simon something. By the dining table we have a "Do you want more cereal/apple/milk/etc.?" page for example.

    Is the Brown Bear video of your family? I think it's awesome! I look forward to when Simon will sign that much.